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Another Happy Customer!

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"AMAZING job! Our home is cleaner than it has ever been! Top to bottom it has been dusted, scrubbed and polished. We really didn't know what to expect because we had never had our home professionally cleaned before. They definitely exceeded any expectations we had! They were on time, courteous, professional, and you can tell they take pride in what they do.

                                                                              -Jamie M.

"Good morning Ladies, I never expected this kind of service!
I thank you very much!
You already had a loyal customer - but this is over the top!"
Your Time is Valuable.
Call us and we will
take care of making your
house a Happy Home!

Thank you so much for the service I received yesterday.  Id like to be a regular customer.  Great Job!

-Paula L.

Thank you for all the help and the good communication on top of keeping our Havasu house clean.

-Bob & Reiko O.

Orchids to Happy Home Cleaners!! We used them to clean our house we recently sold and moved out of in anticipation for the new owners. In the chaos that is moving out I assumed I packed up my wedding rings, and had yet to unpack them. When I went to go verify the house was all locked up after they were done cleaning I noticed ALL FOUR of my rings on the kitchen counter. Not only did they do a good job cleaning and locking up the home but they left my rings. They could have easily taken them and no one would have been the wiser since the property was completely empty. Huge orchids to them!!!.

                            -Taylor H.

You guys are simply amazing!!! Thanks again!
-Christy S.

We are grateful for you and your team! Thank you for all you do for us and our home! We appreciate you! 

                 The Barnes Family

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