We Deliver "Happy Weekends"

Your home has gone from chaos to happy now that you've found a cleaning service that understands

what you want. At every appointment we provide you with flawless service, professionally trained staff with an eye for detail and eco-friendly products to clean and purify your home.

How We Make Your Home Happy...
Top to Bottom

We always start our new clients with our Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning, and give extra attention on our first visit which includes the following:

Move In / Out

It may seem like an empty house should take very little time to clean, however it takes at least twice as long to clean an empty home compared to an occupied house. Our Move In / Out Cleaning include the following

General Cleaning

Our General Cleaning is our service offered after a Top to Bottom Cleaning and will maintain the “new dirt” on a regular schedule.

Vacation Rental

We know the drill. You need a reliable cleaning crew to clean your home and make it the best experience for your tenants. Why not work with a cleaning company that has experience in Vacation Rental Cleaning?

Express Cleaning

Express Cleaning is our budget friendly option for established clients only that will focus on the following areas only:

Window Washing

Happy Home Cleaners believe our Window Washing prices reflect a fair estimate based on the difference in services we provide for the individual customer and each home that is left looking “happy”... 

"Debbie, thank you for taking care of my property I am very pleased with your service".

- Jacqueline. L

Happy Home Cleaners has been cleaning my home for about 18 months now and they do a great job. They are very professional and take pride in their work as it shows with the cleanings. We have the same cleaner which is nice because they know the ins and outs of our home. If you are looking for a professional, licensed company that care and respect your home, Happy Home Cleaners is the company you want to hire.

- Shauna C