Window Washing

You may know there are a lot of different companies that offer Window Cleaning Services; some with high prices and some with low prices. We, at Happy Home Cleaners, believe our prices reflect a fair estimate based on the difference in services we provide for the individual customer and each home that is left looking “happy” due to the extra amount of care we provide with our services. These services include the inside and outside of the window pane, the screen, and the window track and frame.


Our company, unlike most companies, does the inside and outsides of the window pane so that the customer is able to enjoy the view of a happy home without having to endure the process to get it there. Part of our services include preventive maintenance, cleaning off the screens of debris and applying an oiled compound that seals the screen fibers which helps prevent wear and tear from the harsh heat, dust, and wind found in Havasu. The dust factor in Lake Havasu City, as it is in many desert cities, is high and it’s important to keep the buildup of dust to a minimum, which can reduce health risks and maintain the cosmetic appearance of the home. Therefore, our services include cleaning the window tracks and frames.


We believe that by offering the extra amount of care in our services to the residents of Havasu they are receiving a service that watches out for their own well being while staying within a reasonable price for the services they deserve. Call us today to get the peace of mind knowing your home is more safe and secure, and remember “A Clean House is a Happy Home”.


Window Washing is offered for one-time basis, monthly, and every three to 6 months. Most of our customers become part of the every 3 month maintenance program which keeps them at the discounted price they received at their first cleaning and we’ll come back every three(3) months for another cleaning.


Window Washing Pricing:


Double Hung Slide Windows:  $17.00

Double Hung Draw Windows:  $15.00 


Arch Segmented Awnings:   $5.00

Casement Awnings:  $5.00 +


Casement Windows:  (Draw/No Draw)  $9.50

Double Sliding Windows:  $9.50


Bay Windows:  $20.00



Slider Washing Pricing:


Single Sliding Glass Door:  $12.00/Pane


Double Sliding Glass Door:  $12.50/Pane


Double Sliding French Doors:  $10.50/Pane


Quad Pane Sliding Pocket Doors:  $15.00/Pane



Additional Fee: 

An additional fee of $20.00 will be added to windows that require a 5 foot or higher ladder to be reached and can not be dismounted from the inside




For additional information and to set up an appointment  (928) 505-3403

Double Hung Windows


Casement Windows

Bay Windows

Single Sliding Glass Door

Double Sliding Glass Door

Double Sliding French Doors

Quad Pane Sliding Pocket Doors

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